Clinical Optimization, Acceleration
and Clinical Team Ladders

What you produce chairside pays the bills. But the support function of Inventory, Sterilization and Resupply – and the Teams that maintain them – can either support your Production or act as a bottleneck to restrict it.

A properly organized support system can increase Production by 20% – GUARANTEED.

Level 1 – Clinical Optimization

Our foundational training is a two-day examination and restructure of the back-end systems which drive clinical productivity. In this hands-on session, we’ll provide game-changing tools for improved efficiency, help you develop a better Supply System – and teach you how to get the greatest benefit from both.

Level 2 – Clinical Acceleration

Acceleration is a follow-on enhancement to Optimization, and typically occurs 3 to 6 months after that training. In this one-day event, our Trainers will observe how well Optimization systems are being implemented, identify potential areas of improvement, and structure a custom plan to maximize the efficiency of each.

Level 3 – Clinical Team Ladders

The Clinical Systems from Design Ergonomics allow for enormous increases in efficiency and productivity – but nothing exists in a vacuum. Keeping your clinical staff engaged and motivated is essential to continued success. With Clinical Team Ladders training, we develop custom, practical tools for growth and accountability.


We’re so confident in our Systems and Training personnel that we GUARANTEE you will see at least a 20% increase in productivity. If, in your 4th month after Level 1 Training, your doctor Production Per Hour hasn’t improve by that amount or greater – we’ll provide a full refund.

Do the math. What would a 20% increase in your Productivity do to your bottom line?

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Benefiting your bottom line.

“Thank you so much for opening your “home” to us. You have a beautiful, organized, well run office. We hope we can be as organized and efficient as you someday soon.” — Dr. Jason Sala

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