Floor Plan Services

Traffic and workflow are the key elements of efficient dentistry and dental office design. A well thought out dental office floor plan is truly the foundation for your future. Our design team produces detailed dental office floor plans that address the 16 elements of an attractive, comfortable and highly productive dental office. Typically, we can save you 1/3 the space and double your production.

  • Save 1/3rd Space

    Typically, we save dentists about 1/3rd of space when designing/building their offices.

  • 2X Production

    Need we say more…

  • At 2/3rd the Cost

    On average, we are 2/3rds the cost compared to the competition.

  • Learn How…

    View our “Guide to Maximizing Sterilization Efficiency”

Tools you need to succeed

“Working in this space has been phenomenal – the relaxation my patients experience in the operatories is wonderful and the staff loves the efficiency of the setup.” — Dr. David Gage

Site Selection

Maximize exposure to your preferred demographic

Full Office Design

Everything to plan and build your dental office

Floor Plans

The foundation of a great dental office

Interior Design

Balancing your aspirations, needs and budget

Blocking Diagram

Conceptual diagram which allows rapid changes

Design Consultation

There is no single right way to practice dentistry