dental office design

"One month in the new DE building and I feel amazing. Our team and patients love the design, the colors, the feel, and all of the beautiful organization and clean lines. I just can't thank you and your team enough for all of your brains, care, support, and love."

Dr. Jeff Grove
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

dental office design

"Design Ergonomics designed our building and operatories for optimum function. Great detail went in to maximizing space and flow throughout. Design Ergonomics is the leader in functional office design. I would recommend them to anyone that is in the design phase of a practice."

Dr. Kevin Brewer
Billings, Montana

For more information about Brewer Dental Center, visit Dr. Brewer's office Web site.

dental office design

"One of the first things that people tell us when they come to Newman Springs Dental Care is how much they enjoy the fact that this is unlike any other dental office they've ever been to ..."

Dr. Mitchel Friedman
Lincroft, New Jersey

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dental office design

"You all did my office about 4 years ago and it is phenomenal."

Dr. Rick Jackson
Columbia, South Carolina

dental office design

"You won't regret working with Design Ergonomics. They'll be a tremendous asset to your practice for the rest of your career."

Dr. William Moorhead
Flemingsburg, Kentucky

For more information about Dr. Moorhead's Flemingsburg Dental Care, visit Dr. Moorhead's office Web site.

dental office design

"I'm so glad that I had you review my plan. I'm smiling – okay! Advice taken! Now I can clearly see why we need you and that we are so thankful to be working with you."

Dr. Robert Nelson
Falmouth, Maine

dental office design

"I am very happy with the design and look of the building. The front desk area came out real well & looks great! The team loves the staff lounge ... The business office is a very nice space. I am happy with the flow and layout of the office. The consult room is awesome!

Dr. David Pier
Rockport, Maine

Dental patient photo

"You just wouldn't believe it. I'd never go back to an open bay. You were right. What a great concept. The kids calm right down. I have the TVs on the ceiling running an ocean video and they just relax. It makes treatment so much easier."

Dr. Gerardo Santiago
Naples, Florida

dental office design

"I feel that I was rescued and saved by you from the money pit that would have resulted had I gone with the all too common designs that require way too much floor space and require way too much operatory equipment.

Dr. James Sevey
Bangor, Maine

“I want to thank you for the awesome presentation at the FNDC! It was great to meet you in person and see your desire to improve dental care for both, the provider and the patient. Your thinking is much, much deeper than selling an extra treatment plan here and saving an extra minute there… It’s the real deal! I also admire your efforts in creating Design Ergonomics and in helping our colleagues all around the country.” 

Dr. Sami Bahri

“Thank you so much for opening your "home" to us. You have a beautiful, organized, well run office. We hope we can be as organized and efficient as you someday soon.” 

Dr. Jason Sala

“I just wanted to thank you for a five-star visit to your practice. It was wonderful and I cannot begin to explain to you how valuable it was to me. And the manual you gave to us with the checklists - priceless!!! I don't think you understand. You guys are engaged, knowledgeable, efficient, yet warm and compassionate. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And your products are over-the-top!” 

Dr. Suzanne Spence Williams

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“I am very excited to begin the process!  For me, attending a few of Dr. Ahearn’s courses really is what got me interested in Design Ergonomics.  I really like his views and philosophy when it comes to designing and operating a dental office.  Once I began emailing and discussing the process you with you, it really helped me to feel more comfortable.  Excellent communication and quick responses to my questions were much appreciated.” 

Dr. Derek Draft

“As I had indicated when we first spoke, I was looking for some expert advice on whether or not it was possible to reconfigure our office to provide additional operatories.  Once Paul and I had talked on the phone and he gave me his ideas, it all made sense and was clear to me that the reconfiguration was possible.” 

Dr. Marissa Rya

“Still feeling lucky that I stumbled onto you guys at Chicago Midwinter Meeting!”

Dr. Jason Dopp

"David has devoted lifelong study of workflow patterns, stress reduction in the workplace, and relief of bottlenecks in business. He and his team have then converted the information into easy-to-implement real-world changes improving the lives of dentists, team members and patients around the country."

Dr. Tom "the Gems Guy" Orent
1000 Gems

"We are very impressed with all the support we have gotten from the first day with everyone at Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products, starting with Dr. Ahearn, and Paul Leonard.  We do get compliments on how the office came out, and also quite a few people realized how efficient this office will be when in full swing. Thank you!"

Dr. Ray Lander
Clovis, CA

“I am 3 months into my new building and the response has been incredible. We saw 73 new patients last month and I see that number going up this month. The design really allows the practice to run very efficiently. From when the patients enter to when they leave and at every step in between. I get excited now when I come to work just imagining what we will produce for that day. I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you,”

Dr. Greg Bender
Cranston, Rhode Island

“Dr. Ahearn fit 8 operatories into my new 2600 sq ft office. Exquisite! There is a philosophy of practice that goes with the design. He is a must see on the lecture circuit.”

Dr. Bertrand Bonnick
High Point, North Carolina

"I highly recommend the services of Design Ergonomics. We have greatly increased efficiency and production in our new office. Our collections have almost doubled in the 18 months since we have been in the new space. Not only do the doctor and staff enjoy the design and efficiency of the office, but, more importantly, the patients love it."

Dr. Kelly Bridenstine
Lenexa, Kansas

“David, believe it or not the electric and most of the plumbing is almost completed and the drywall is going up. Eileen can’t get over the great design of the office, particularly the front of the office when you walk in! The design captured everything she wanted and more. We will both want to talk to you on the phone to really express our gratitude.”

Dr. Bill Cohen
Glenview, Illinois

“From conception through design, to construction, to Grand Opening, the entire team at Design Ergonomics was available and enthusiastic every step of our project. Even months after our new office opened, Dr. Ahearn and his team are still eager to support us. We’ve called on them for advice in areas ranging from equipment choices to clinical processes and they’ve helped us create the office of our dreams…”

Rick Gabrielly
Rainmaker Consulting, Inc.

“I thought that I was reaching the stage of finalized plans (from a local dental supplier), when I had a chance dinner with a local dentist who is currently renovating his office and he introduced me to your concepts and websites. To say I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the benefit of Dr. R’s input, who has clearly given the subject much more in depth though and analysis than myself is a gross understatement.”

Dr. Bob Campbell
Oshawa, Ontario

“Working in this space has been phenomenal – the relaxation my patients experience in the operatories is wonderful and the staff loves the efficiency of the setup. I kid with them about moving back to the old office…boy, if looks could kill! We just love it!”

Dr. David Gage
South Burlington, Vermont

“I am surprised that you can have a fully functional hygiene room in 6’11” space. When other dental professionals see the rooms they can’t believe the rooms are less than 7’ as they do not look small”

Dr. Steven Glass
Spring, Texas

"Dr. Ahearn's services not only help new practices, but also help veteran dentists extend their careers and improve their health and efficiency."

Stan Goff
Senior Editor, Dental Products Report

"You are an amazingly creative person. Doctors are coming from all over the place to see our new office."

Mrs. Joyce Greene
(Dr. David Greene’s wife)
Scarsdale, New York

“Just got to visit his office! Wow. Great flow, very comfortable, low stress, and very productive. Wanted to see it for myself since I have clients ask me about options out there. Very patient friendly. When you are in the operatories, it’s just hard to imagine that they are smaller. Feels so much better than anything else I have seen. The lighting design is great. Also, sound is managed extraordinarily well. He presents information very well.”

Lorraine Guth
Motivations by Mouth

” [Design Ergonomics] has a great leader with a great vision. How do I know ... because he hired quality people who are totally dedicated to the company and his vision. Everybody I met years ago with the company is still there today. That says something.”

Dr. Doug Halloran
Fresno, CA

"It's hard for the average dentist to "get it". Pictures and descriptions just don't do it. You've got to see it."

Dr. T. Janecek
South Carolina

“What I love about the office is that it is spacious, without being spacious. The rooms are clean and simple.”

Dr. Abraham John
Hartford, Connecticut

“Nina, our trip to New England could not have been more perfect. Meeting with you and the entire staff at Design/Ergonomics has been truly inspiring. The warm welcoming, the knowledge and experience shared and the commitment to quality were heartfelt. Debra and I left with an increased sense of purpose. Thank you so very much.”

Dr. Patrick Leconte
North Palm Beach, Florida

“Just wanted to write a short note expressing my thanks to Dr. Ahearn and all the team for this past Friday. It would be difficult to describe verbally the efficiency of this practice. Seeing is believing. Again, my thanks.”

Dr. Ron McGillicary
New Minas, Nova Scotia

“Patients are impressed upon first entering the reception area and treatment room areas. Although the treatment rooms are actually smaller then my other office, the patients comment that they feel larger!”

Dr. Charles Miller
Golden, Colorado

“Tony Robbins said that everyone needs a mentor. Someone to take them where they haven’t been. You have been the single best mentor I have ever had. I can’t believe how much I have learned from studying with you. It has changed my life. Suddenly we can see patients that we want to see and get the dentistry done easily.

Thank you.”

Dr. David Mitchell
Ackerman, Mississippi

“To Everyone,

I must tell you all that I am very happy and thankful to your company. I love my office. It turned out great. You guys couldn’t have designed it better and for that, I am grateful.

I say thank you all again, and may god bless you.”

Dr. Felix Papillon
Largo, Maryland

“I am fortunate to have discovered Design/Ergonomics or I never would have fit all that I wanted in an office into such a small space.”

Dr. Ray Patchet
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“Things are definitely smoother and more efficient. We are able to turn the rooms over quicker and quality of the dentistry is better too. [My staff] loves the organization and the ease of use. They especially like the resupply sterilization area.“

Dr. Timothy Quirt
Schofield, Wisconsin

"Our entire staff always speaks well of your wonderful design here at First Street Smiles, Inc. I have recently had a colleague relocate his office to a new location within our town. I personally made a large effort to tell him of Design/Ergonomics and what you do.

Due to his persistence to work with another company, he lost over three weeks of work. During that time, I offered the use of one of my operatories. He was amazed how efficient we were.

I know he was not pleased, as he complained every day I saw the poor SOB. I am sure he is sorry he did not heed my advice...

I will always be telling all that ask.

Best to all of your staff.
Happy New Year."

John Rizza, DMD
North Andover, Massachusetts

"Now I know why you guys do design and I don’t. Thank you."

Dr. Jim Routledge
Marysville, Washington

“I had David design my new office. We are now 5 months into the scratch-start practice and things are going very smoothly with all of our Design Ergonomics solutions.

The office flows very efficiently. We were able to fit 6 opts in 2100+ sq. ft. I don’t feel cramped at all, everything flows very nicely.

Thanks David.”

Dr. Efhad Shah
Maricopa, Arizona

“Thank you for all of your help. I do not know what I would have done without your guidance. We are so happy with our end result thanks to your whole team. Thank you a million times over!”

Dr. Kelly Smudde

Valencia, California

“Until I ran across Design Ergonomics, we had always considered office designers to be our clients’ worst enemy. Now, we have a source for productive, cost effective office design.”

Greg Stanley
Whitehall Management

"I would guess that 90% of our existing patient base walk in the door, take two steps, and say “WOW!” A long-time patient of the 30 year old practice was in yesterday and was absolutely over-the-moon (an Aussie expression) about how great everything looks. His wife told him she didn’t want to leave the hygienist’s chair because it was so peaceful."

Dr. Kim Sykora
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"GRIN...open Pandora's box and field of dreams come true.

Build it and they will come!!!

I have been in the new office since September 22nd, and with the new year starting, at times I take a deep breath and accept the almost universal congratulations from our patients on our great new office. Someone told me today it has a calmness to it that blends in with the high tech operatories...they don't realize that the ops are 8ft 6 inches by 11ft - they just know that it works...

David, Nina, Paul & Tim - you had a lot to do with the ergonomics of the operatory and your ideas just flat out work. They are counter-intuitive but they just work. David, you are one smart man. Your mind works in ways I can't even begin to consider, but from the days 5 years ago when I wondered if a microscope centered operatory should be 12 by 13ft or 12 by 14ft to accommodate all the technology, I am now in an office with 9 scopes, 9 ops each 8ft 6 inches by 11ft and I feel like it's HUGE.

It's amazing to know that all this and a HUGE cost savings exist...it just doesn't make sense. Your sterilization ideas are amazing, and efficient, and these operatories just work for microscope enthusiasts...it's an incredible office to go to.

All the best for 2009 and thanks again for all you did...

PS - the patients LOVE the massage and heated chairs...I worry that one day all 9 treatment rooms will be full with patients just coming in to have a massage and relax watching TV...funny huh at a dental office yet!!!

All the best."

Dr. Glenn van As
North Vancouver, British Columbia

"Well, the renovations are complete. I can now begin to use and appreciate the elegance and thought apparent in the Design Ergonomic system. Every day I discover some additional nuance that makes my work easier and more efficient."

Dr. Michael Zerivitz
Deltona, Florida

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