Last Week, I Witnessed Some Magic: A Dental Practice Merge

Last week, I witnessed some magic. No, it wasn’t David Blaine escaping from a gyroscope. It was watching two completely separate dental practices merge into one, incredible collaboration. 

When Dr. Patrick M set out to expand his dental practice, he had no idea how life-changing it would be. He contacted Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products to spear-heading the project back in 2019. His vision: to build a dental practice big enough to support the growth of his existing, well-established practice and make it the most desirable place to work. Then, the unexpected happened. During the construction of this massive 4348 square foot, 14 operatory facility, Dr. M sold the practice to two young, eager dentists who were busting at the seams with capacity issues in their well-established practice nearby. 

When two powerhouse dental practices join forces, it can go good or real bad! Here is one dentist who spent nearly a decade researching how to design and equip the most efficient dental practice, make buying decisions based on that research including an onsite two-day Jumpstart Training by Design Ergonomics and two docs who purchased a total practice solution they knew little about. 

Jumpstart Training is a two-day, on-site program focusing on the Storage, Deployment, and Resupply systems of a dental practice that will optimize the organization and deployment of dental supplies, instruments and equipment. The Dental Jump-Start will review the flow of a Client’s practice, with regards to inventory, departmental communication, patient hand-offs, scheduling, and provide information and training to ensure these items and services are more effectively laid out, managed and maintained in the Client’s practice. Jumpstart Training is the implementation of clinical systems and processes supported by Design Ergonomics’ design and Ergonomic Products’ dental equipment. 

Jumpstart Training was up to me and the result was nothing short of magical. 

In the months leading up to training, it was important that I bring the new owners up to speed with why Dr. M chose to work with Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products. This part is usually done by the time I am preparing for clinical training but this project was different. It was like selling a design and equipment project that had already been sold. If that makes sense?? Enthusiastic doesn’t begin to describe their attitudes. On some level, I think they were so overwhelmed with excitement that much of what we talked about may have slipped through the net. Instead of repeating myself one hundred times, I suggested that they delegate training preparation to a clinical lead. They did! 

The Clinical Lead, Lauren, was great! She let me in on a little secret; Jumpstart Training would be the first time the clinical departments in both practices would come together. Talk about pressure! In order for the two practices to merge and become one, it was up to me to guide them to work like one, cohesive team. I have seen a lot over the last eight years as a Clinical Trainer with Reboot Practice Productivity Solutions but this would be a first. 

The rules were simple. 

  1. Everyone must possess a positive attitude
  2. Everyone must have an open mind. 
  3. Everyone must read the Guide To Maximizing Productivity 


Jumpstart Training commenced on April 7th, 2021. When I showed up, two very successful dental practices were in boxes. 










There were a lot of firsts: It was the first time either practice utilized cassettes. Now, all instruments are in cassettes. All doctors agreed to one standard operative cassette and bur block.










All supplies taken out of boxes and placed into their own unique spaces and labeled (they were working on labeling). Tilt bins will be mounted on the wall. Rapid Deployment carts were built.

Two days later, they opened their doors and started the next chapter of their professional careers.  

Mere strangers one day – and working like a well oiled machine in just two days! There was no question left unanswered. The doctors were forced to sit down and make decisions to simplify. Hygienists were a little tougher so I gave them some goals and deadlines. It was magical watching these two dental practices come together. 

As said by Marcus Lamonis, “Small business growth is broken down into three major components: people, product and processes.” Your product must be good. Your people must be the right fit for your dental practice and reflect your practice’s mission and vision statement. Your people must be suited in the right role.  Personal and professional growth ladders must be in place like Heart Charts™ preventing that revolving door that so many dental practices are burdened by. The processes needed to help your team help you deliver your product must be Lean. That’s why our Reboot Practice Productivity Solutions is in demand.  

Dentists want to do dentistry, Reboot Training makes it easier. 

I am the Clinical Director with Reboot Practice Productivity Solutions. We have several onsite clinical training options to suit the needs of your practice and guaranteed to help your practice grow. I’d like to add a few other “p” words that our Reboot Trainers deliver: productivity, predictable outcomes (proof) and a plan! When you put these things together with people and an uncompromising level of patient care (product), the result is practice growth and PROFIT! 

Author Angie Bachman