Do You Have A Hero? I’d Like To Tell You About Mine

Let me share with you what a hero is to me. Courage, sacrifice, Inspiring, and brave are some good words that define hero. Heroes are like you and me, ordinary people who put others in front of themselves. I think about those healthcare workers who sacrificed time to be with their families to care for those infected with Covid

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Dental Ergonomics 101: In The Patient Chair. Just As Important As Operator Seating

I am a clinical trainer with Reboot Practice Productivity Training. My job is to offer efficiency (ergonomic) solutions to the way you practice – including the way you sit and positioning in the operatory. There are challenges. Oftentimes, the patient chair restricts proper ergonomics. Some wide back style chairs keep you from reaching a close proximity to your patient – especially the oral cavity. A right handed practitioner must be able to work comfortably, sitting or standing, from 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock.

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Dental Assistant Appreciation Week

If you look up the word, “multi-tasker” in the dictionary, you should see a picture of a dental assistant. In my humble opinion, dental assistants are the full synthetic oil that keeps your dental practice engines running for a lifetime. This week, I want to celebrate these spectacular individuals.

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Why Adding One Operatory To Your Capacity Issue Is No Fix

Is your practice at capacity? By capacity, I mean, the demand for patient care is greater than the number of hours and full time employee providers your dental practice has available. It’s not the worst problem to have. Getting patients in the door is the biggest struggle many dentists face when owning a dental practice. Now, they’re here and you’re the best dentist in town but you have to fix your problem. Adding one operatory may slow down the bleeding but it is only a bandaid on the bullet wound.

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Develop a Kanban and Control Inventory in Your Dental Practice

Out of some crazy stroke of genius, a guy thought that if he could see his inventory, he would have a better idea of what he has and be able to manage it. When Toyota industrial engineer Taiichi Ohno set out to improve Toyota‘s manufacturing systems, inventory management was a priority. Ohno sought out intelligence from an industry almost solely based on inventory management – the grocery store. He discovered that grocery stores did not have stockpiles of inventory but rather reordered products based on customer demand. He brought this management concept to Toyota and implemented a system called JIT or ‘just-in-time’ inventory management. Order what you need when you need it. JIT set the ground rules for the Toyota Production System which became the basis of what is now Lean Manufacturing. A “Kanban” system is the best inventory management technique used in industries all over the world – including dental practices.

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