Top 5 Ways to Prevent Dentaphobia in Your Dental Practice

Dentaphobia is not defined solely by a fear of the dentist but more so by a fear of going to the dentist. It’s a real thing that can have long-term, paralyzing effects. Those who suffer from severe cases of Dentaphobia may require therapy, medications, and hypnosis. For most, fear of going to the dentist stems from anxiety felt from being placed in a vulnerable situation and surrounded by scary sounds, smells, and pain. So what can we do as healthcare providers to combat these emotions? 

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Being Promoted Comes With A lot of Responsibility

As Lead Clinical Trainer for the past eight years, I have been dedicated to coaching our nation’s most productive dental practices using Reboot Practice Productivity Solutions, the best clinical training program in the dental industry. My dedication and hard work paid off last month when I was promoted to Director of Clinical Education and Training. This new opportunity to show up for you and your team has further fueled my fire to lead the charge in adding value to dental practices across the country.

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Is Your Hygiene Department Working With You Or Against You?

From what you put in it to how well you care for it, oral hygiene is vital to the overall health of your patients. I hope we’re all on the same page. What if I said, “A dental hygienist is crucial to the success of any dental practice.” Are you still with me? Maybe if I reword the sentence by saying, “a healthy hygiene department is best for the overall health of your practice.” Are you back? Man, I hope so. 

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Sterilizing Dental Instruments: Is It In The Bag or Are You Just Pushing The Envelope?

When you sit down to start a procedure, what do you expect to see? A good dental assistant will have prepared a table for you – a syringe is loaded with the appropriate needle and carpule; instruments lined out perfectly; bur in handpiece. You expect to have everything prepared for you so that you can sit down and get to work, right? Have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes? How sure are you that the stuff you’re using inside a patient’s mouth is sterile, I MEAN STERILIZED?

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Do You Have A Hero? I’d Like To Tell You About Mine

Let me share with you what a hero is to me. Courage, sacrifice, Inspiring, and brave are some good words that define hero. Heroes are like you and me, ordinary people who put others in front of themselves. I think about those healthcare workers who sacrificed time to be with their families to care for those infected with Covid

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