Mike Grace: From Restaurant Kitchen To Factory Floor

Prior to coming to work at Design Ergonomics, Mike Grace, who is currently Factory Manager at the company, worked in a restaurant kitchen and when not working, he enjoyed playing his bass guitar. What might seem an unusual background—food and music—turned out to be super valuable experience to work in a factory.

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What are the two key steps to a great dental office design?

For your dental office to attract customers at a tremendous rate, it needs the look and feel of a spa, but at the same time it has to function as a highly-efficient, dentistry-producing, factory! Most dental office designs do a decent job at one or the other of these goals, but never a great job at both. At Design Ergonomics, we understand that to accomplish both of these divergent goals simultaneously requires a very detailed planning rule set with a two-step approach that gets to the essence of your dental office design as accurately as possible – without wasting time … or your money.

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Your Passion Is Infectious

People are naturally attracted to those who are passionate about the things they love, and this passion builds fandom. Yet too few people share their personal passions in their business life.

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Trying to Find Dental Hygienists and Assistants for Your Dental Office? The Hiring Pool is Drying Up.

Hiring, hiring, and hiring. How can you possibly think about dental practice growth when you don’t have enough employees? While patients are returning to dental practices at the highest rate since the start of Covid-19, much of your dental staff has jumped ship, and many of them aren’t coming back to your practice, or any other for that matter. Right now, lack of team members is the number one rate limiting factor to dental practice growth.

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