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AI Revolution in Dentistry: Embracing the Future of Dental Care and Practice Management

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is very prominent in the headlines today. Somewhere between the fear of job losses, and the extinction of the human race, lies a tremendous opportunity to advance all aspects of dentistry. From diagnostics to patient communication, things are changing rapidly. To thrive in this developing landscape, you need to be more than simply aware of the potential impact AI will have on dentistry – you need to get ahead of it.

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Creating a Multi-Generational Legacy at Turlock Dental Care

The practice that Dr. Robert McCulla, DDS once considered selling is now thriving and growing quickly. “My role will change over time,” he says. “I’ll be moving more into a CEO position, focusing on cosmetic dentistry, with a focus on doing veneers, sedation dentistry for fearful patients, and clear aligners like Invisalign. I will be mentoring the associates, coaching them, helping them.”

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