Here’s to Greater Things for Dentists and Dentistry in 2021

Here’s To Greater Things in 2021

We are all ready for 2020 to come to an end. “The Year Of The Rat…”, I said just a year ago, “2020 is the year for new beginnings” as the Rat is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac. In Chinese Folklore, twelve animals designate the calendar signs, so the Year of the Rat occurs every twelve years. Doing the math, the last time the Rat peered its (ugly?) head….was 2008. What can you tell me about 2008?

Ask me the last time I watched the news. I don’t even remember. While the media places worry and fear into minds, I see a different angle. Since the start of 2020, I see hope and growth, unity and collaboration. I have traveled and personally facilitated 16 Jumpstart Practice Productivity Training this year. Jumpstart Training is about setting the clinical department up right the first time. I am not finished yet. Next week, I am heading to Blacksburg, Virginia and Greenville, South Carolina for back-to-back two-day onsite Jumpstart Trainings. That’s a total of 18 new dental practices opening their doors for the first time. Not too shabby for all you naysayers.

Even though the kinks haven’t been completely worked out, virtual education is now possible. Speaking of virtual advances, how about Telehealth? I love it. It is super convenient. Twice a year, I get a fever blister (yes, I said, fever blister) on my lip. Within minutes of my initial contact, I was able to speak to a doctor and pick up the power to fight the flower within an hour – OMG I just made that up! Dental practices are embracing teledentistry now more than ever as an alternative to care.

I read an article recently by Bob Driver of The Tampa Bay Weekly, who writes, “indications are that COVID 19 may ultimately do more to unify the human race than to fragment it.” Proof of this is already starting to take shape. Contrary to what the cynics say, I will be first in line for the vaccine.

Americans know how to rally and recover. I believe that President Trump has set our economy up for success and that his financial stability platform will be the biggest take away from his presidency. Our new Commander-in-Chief will soon be at the helm to carry us forward.

The Year of the Ox awaits us in 2021. The ox is tolerant and hard working – hard working to a fault. They actually tend to overwork, resulting in less time to relax. Oxen have a knack for overcoming obstacles. If Ox proves to be right, then 2021 is set up for rebuilding. Diligent preparation for the future should hold true to next year. The Rat has opened the eyes of the Ox – exposing potential risks and threats…and Oxen make great dentists as they have a keen eye for detail. They love routines and don’t fare well when those routines are interrupted – but they are terrible at spelling out the routines (or processes). I have been speaking to those Oxen and plan to work with them next year!

Biggest takeaway for 2020; stop watching the news. Just kidding. The worst is behind us and I implore you to believe that the best is yet to come. The dental industry is incredible. Nothing has stopped us. As we walk along the path to greatness, we may come across a river that is too deep to cross by a foot and full of too many sharks to swim (yes, there are freshwater sharks). You need a bridge and call the best in the business to build it. Together, we can overcome anything.

It has been a pleasure working with you in 2020! Special thanks to Dr. Marc Rasmussen, Dr. Alexander Milman, Dr. David McIntyre, Dr. Kim Simonds, Dr. Cassady Rider, Dr. Ross Bennett, Dr. Eric Resh, Dr. Rhett Eklund, Dr. David Willey, Dr. Tim Lonergan, Dr. Blair Waldron, Dr. Eric Forsberg, Dr. Nicole Brummel, Dr. Rachel Standlee, Dr. Jason Grissom, Dr. Brayden McInteer, Dr. Brian Briesemeister, Dr. Michael Kirchner, Dr. Mamta Kori, Dr. Scott Everhart, Dr. Peter Kelly, Dr. Derek Stallard, Dr. Andy Tran, Dr. Damon Thompson, Dr. Ben Daniel and Dr. Marcel Lambrechts for opening your practice to me and affording me the opportunity to work side by side with each and every one of you.

Author Angie Bachman