Dental Practice Renovation and Remodeling

Helping your current dental practice reach its full potential.

Whether ground-up construction or designing to an existing shell, our efficiency and productivity philosophies have a proven track record.

But what if you're not ready to leave the space you’re in?

We offer a wide range of dental practice renovation and remodeling solutions ranging from improved inventory and sterilization, to creating additional operatories within your existing footprint. From capacity, to aesthetics, to work-flow, we cover all aspects of the dental office improvement spectrum.

Speak to a Design Liaison today to discuss about how we can work together to create the ideal dental practice you know is possible.

Clinical Areas

Many of the design and process improvements we’ve developed over the last 25 years can be incorporated into existing practices. From large-scale renovations to updating small (but critical!) areas, we can help you can capture untapped revenue in your current office.

Streamline clinical support areas

  • Rethink your Sterilization/Resupply area for improved flow
  • Replace old, failing cabinetry to maximizing space and ease-of-use
  • Modernize instrument and supply delivery to your operatories for reliability and performance
  • Install easy-to-train workflows that simplify clinical support

Restructure clinical areas to create additional – and more functional - operatories

Phasing plans

  • Reduce impact and downtime by implementing changes strategically

Front Office Aesthetics

The patient experience is key to retention. And that starts with a First Impression. If it’s time to give your office a facelift, we offer a range of interior design services.

Front office refresh

  • Front desk redesign for more appeal, and better patient flow
  • Furniture, flooring, and paint selections

"I am so pleased with how the entire office has come together! What a wonderful place to come to work!

I love it, my staff loves it, and my patients love it."

— Dr. James Sevey

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