A Note to Architects & Designers

Why We Design
All design firms have missions – written or not. A philosophy based upon beliefs and objectives. At Design Ergonomics, our mission is simple. We help dentists in any way we can to make their patients happier, and their practices more productive, and therefore more profitable. If you’re an architect that has been chosen to design a dental office, we assume your mission is similar. We’d welcome an opportunity to supplement your existing team because many of our most satisfying projects are a result of co-endeavors.

Our company was created by dentists, for dentists. Our knowledge of dentistry has proven to be extremely valuable on thousands of collaborations. We truly look forward to working with you to make your project as successful as it can be!

As a part of your team, Design Ergonomics welcomes the opportunity to provide:

  • Pre-design consultation with Dental Office design and equipment specialists
  • Productivity Planning, including Blocking Diagrams to maximize flow and space use
  • Floor Planning
  • Dental Equipment consultation
Our founder, Dr. David J. Ahearn, holds several patents on equipment that has changed how operatories are structured – revolutionizing how dentistry is done. Working with our sister company, Ergonomic Products, we have refined whole-office solutions geared to efficient use of space and maximized work-flows.

Our expertise in eliminating unnecessary casework in the treatment area opens up tremendous opportunities to create uncluttered, highly-productive workspaces. The resulting space and equipment savings opens up room in the doctor’s budget – allowing you both to explore high-level designs that might not be otherwise possible.

We have a unique ability to create cost-effective dental offices and exceptional equipment for your clients. Contact us to learn more, or visit Ergonomic-Products.com, and discover how spacious and uncluttered a treatment room can – and should – be.

Q... I understand that your system benefits dentists, but how will working with Design Ergonomics benefit me?

A... By working with Design Ergonomics you will avoid technical design pitfalls that can grind your project to a halt. With a leading dentist as part of our design team, it will become much easier to translate practice needs into reality, giving you more time to focus on what you love, design.

Q... Why should I suggest Ergonomic Products to my clients? I've read and understand how it will benefit them, but what's my motivation?

A... Ergonomic Products' direct sales approach benefits all participants. Give us a call today to learn more. Call: 1-800-275-2547

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