Dr. David J. Ahearn’s
Guide to Maximizing Productivity

“As for the Guide To Maximizing Productivity, all I can say is WOW!! Dr. Ahearn and Timothy Gagnon have delivered a guide to revolutionizing the practice of dentistry. This is what we’ve been looking for the last 8 years in our office, and I’m sure it will become our “go to” guide for our office productivity, in training our staff, and in keeping “true north” as we move our practice into the future.”

J. Bruce Burley D.D.S., F.A.G.D.

Hagerstown, NJ

Nationally recognized productivity expert David J. Ahearn, DDS presents this cross-section of his decades-long investigation into dental efficiency.
The Guide covers a wide range of subjects; from the psychology of spatial perception and how it affects the patient experience, to real-world systems that will allow you get a handle on inventory control.

Maximize Your Practice’s Potential

Guide to Maximizing Productivity

Available only from Design/Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products.


  • Efficient Restocking and Resupply Systems
  • Increased Productivity with Supply Consolidation
  • Staff Motivation for Morale and Retention
  • Effective Scheduling for Increased Revenue
  • Continuous Improvement Systems that Work

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