INVision Sterilization
and Resupply Design Services

To be truly efficient and productive, a practice needs a solid core; a consolidation of Sterilization and Resupply functions. This is an integral design element in each of the 1,000+ offices we've created over the last two decades.

However, you don't have to completely renovate or relocate your office to gain the benefits of this Centralized approach to materials management.
The INVision service helps you transform your existing space with a minimal disruption to your practice, and within a very reasonable budget. This is not a complete renovation – but it DOES represent an over-haul of your current physical and organization systems. The benefits are extensive:
  • Save time spent on inventory maintenance and re-ordering
  • Increased accuracy allows reduced quantities for improved cash-flow
  • Standardized operatory resupply for improved accuracy and confidence
  • Streamline Sterilization to lower labor costs
  • Increase the Value of your practice
What does the INVision service include?
Our designers will provide a Section Floor Plan and Elevations of your new Sterilization and Resupply area. We'll also supply equipment recommendations based on years of research and the feed-back we've received from 1000's of very satisfied clients. We'll even include a copy of Dr. David Ahearn's Guide to Maximizing Production to help you get the most benefit from your new System and Space!

How do I get started?

There are some requirements – we'll need an existing Floor Plan, photos and some information on how you currently organize – and not every office is a candidate for this type of improvement. Call 800-275-2547 for a free consultation today and we can discuss your best options!

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