Attend a Lecture with Dr. David Ahearn and Improve Your Dental Practice Efficiency

One of the best lectures I’ve ever attended!

Fast and furious, efficient and full of excellent information, packaged and delivered in an easy-to-follow and entertaining fashion. A must-hear lecture for anyone starting up, expanding or looking for ways to be more efficient and productive. Thank you!

Dr. Sarah King

Dallas, TX

Event Name
David J. Ahearn lecture is Wednesday, February 2, 2022 from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM
ASHRAE Winter Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada

Lecture Testimonials

Fantastic information!
We need your services on every level! I want your help designing our new space!

Stephanie Meyer

RDH & OM, Denver, CO

Great Lecture.
Been trying to be more efficient for last 15 years but you have helped me extensively in 3 hours

Dr. Todd Roby

Dentist/Owner, Longmont, CO

Wonderful advice on organization and how the setup of an office can increase productivity and help with supplies. I loved the class and the speaker was entertaining and very helpful.

Stacey Yocubets

Lead EDDA, Peyton, CO

The lecture was very helpful. Great insight. The scheduling concepts…it’s like a light went on. Glad I attended.

Dr. C. Sue VanBlaricum

Lafayette, TN

Great! I am a new dentist and your lecture truly opened my eyes to plan for the future. Thank you for sharing!

Dr. Sarah Dowdy

Sandston, VA

Got me jazzed up!

Dr. Paul Kurtz

Atlanta, GA

Very enlightening . We're going to make some changes right away. I thought major investments would be necessary, but the course shows large improvements can be made at minimal costs.

Dr. Omar Damji

Lawrenceville, GA

Design Ergonomics

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