Learning: Lectures

Event Name
January 17th – 19th
Denver, Colorado

Lecture Testimonials

I had registered in advance for another lecture and had planned to listen until my class was available. It was so interesting I couldn’t leave.

Dr. Faye Chambers

Birmingham, AL

We have been trying to schedule more efficiently. The way you presented the information made more sense. Thanks!

Dr. Shea Tolbert

Greenville, SC

I love the endo cart, I need to organize. Loved the course. Thanks!

Dr. Diana Cicchiello

Brunswick, GA

The lecture was very helpful. Great insight. The scheduling concepts…it’s like a light went on. Glad I attended.

Dr. C. Sue VanBlaricum

Lafayette, TN

Well done!

Dr. Evan-Yutaka Masunaga

Honolulu, HI

Great! I am a new dentist and your lecture truly opened my eyes to plan for the future. Thank you for sharing!

Dr. Sarah Dowdy

Sandston, VA

Awesome lecture!

Dr. Clarence Addison

Atlanta, GA

Got me jazzed up!

Dr. Paul Kurtz

Atlanta, GA

Very enlightening . We’re going to make some changes right away. I thought major investments would be necessary, but the course shows large improvements can be made at minimal costs.

Dr. Omar Damji

Lawrenceville, GA