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We have been fortunate enough to work with a group of people who share a common vision: productive and profitable dentistry. We know it takes more than just a great office design and great dental equipment for a practice to reach its full potential. Below are a list of consultants we gladly endorse to any and all of our clients to help you grow and surpass your goals.

The Scheduling Institute

Founded by Jay Geier, the Scheduling Institute is a very successful business designed to help doctors turn their practice into a very successful and profitable business by leveraging an asset that already exists within the practice — Staff.

Whitehall Management

Greg Stanley heads Whitehall Management, a consulting team that provides “Strategic Practice Planning” services for doctors throughout the United States. He actively produces educational webinars, videos and audio programs to support the growth of his seminar clients and makes practice proven content available to doctors worldwide.

Apogee Group

A Dental Network formed by Dr. John Meis to help practices reach their highest potential. After studying the most successful practices in the country,he developed — The Productive Practice Mindset. Today the Network consists of: Mastermind Groups, The Summit, a Management Retreat for dentists and their leadership teams, and The Process a transformational experience for practices desiring rapid improvement using a five step process to implement the principles of The Productive Practice Mindset.

Breakaway Practice Seminars

Across the country, Breakaway Practice Seminar attendees are implementing our business training and showing double-digit growth. They are getting 150+ new patients per month, producing $1M+ in the first year from scratch, and they run some of the most successful and lucrative dental practices in their areas.


DOCS Education offers courses throughout the United States and Canada illustrating safe and effective techniques in oral and IV sedation dentistry. Based in Seattle, Washington, the DOCS faculty have instructed 17,000 dental professionals in these procedures, which affect patients ranging from the very young to seniors. We also provide instruction in emergency preparedness.

The Profitable Dentist

Founded by Dr. Woody Oakes, Excellence in Dentistry has proven to be a highly effective dental continuing education, dental seminar that provides dental coaching and dental training that helps your dental practice succeed. Coined The Profitable Dentist for a reason, Woody Oakes DDS provides world class Excellence in Dentistry seminars and results oriented Excellence in Dentistry coaching, as well as publishes — The Profitable Dentist Magazine, a free dental marketing magazine.

Seltzer Institute

Seltzer Institute has been a leader in dental technology and practice management for more than 25 years. Committed to providing advanced technologies and management techniques that improve the quality of care and performance of the practice, Seltzer Institute?s innovations benefit dentists throughout the world.

Productive Dentist Academy

Founded by Dr. Bruce Baird, the Productive Dentist Academy provides seminars that teach practitioners how to increase their hourly production, increase take-home salary, work fewer hours, and do it all while raising the standard of patient care.

Cleaning Products:

Look for the DfE label on the back of product containers. The EPA has a list online of over 250 products that carry the DfE label. www.epa.gov/saferchoice

General Cleaning:

Dental Equipment

Amalgam Separators:

CAD/CAM Systems:

Digital Radiography:

Dry Vacuum Systems:

Lean Equipment:

Operatory Lighting:

Dental Supplies

Biodegradable Impression Trays:

Reusable Pouches and Wraps:

Suction Tips:

Surface Disinfectant:

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions:

Water distiller and Filtration Systems:

Flooring and Fabrics

Bamboo Flooring:


Linoleum Flooring:

Sheet Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl Plank and Square Tile:

Wool Carpeting:


Bulbs/Lamps – Energy Star Rated:

Fluorescent Bulbs, LED Exit Signs, Power Strips:

Paint Products

Benjamin Moore:

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