Over the Shoulder Event Application

Join us for an immersive, on-site workshop in one of the nation’s best dental practices. In a single day, an Over the Shoulder Event will teach you our key strategies and techniques to double your dental office production, while making your office a fun and easy place to work for you and your team. It’s a system that Design Ergonomics has been implementing for over 20 years in 250 practices per year, and we will show you every important detail of that system in one day. There’s nothing like seeing these systems in action, and we’ve arranged Over the Shoulder Events at two convenient locations. These are very popular events so please fill out the application form below as soon as possible if you would like to attend and our team will get back to you with details and availability.

"What an awesome experience."

"Thank you so much for showing us the office and blowing our minds.”

Dr. Matt Laurich

"The one day that I spent with you was the most important day in my success. You made me millions.”

Dr. David Mitchell

"More beneficial than my entire year with a Fortune coach which cost me $24,000.”

Dr. Will Jones

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