Dr. Peter Kics
The fact that we’re able to go into any of the rooms and know they are identical has been very beneficial. We also built efficiencies into our lab and sterilization setup. The entire process is far more streamlined than a typical dental office.
Westgate Dental Care

Arlington Heights, IL

Learn how a focus on efficiency allows Dr. Kics to serve 1,500 patients a month.
Dr. Robert McCulla
It's just so much easier than our old office. The wear and tear on our bodies is less because we're positioned better in the rooms, and we can work quickly and efficiently. Our supplies are also more efficient. Our whole team says it’s just amazing.
Turlock Dental Care

Turlock, CA

Dr. Paul Keelan
They were extremely flexible in allowing me to choose the level of service I wanted…and nothing they designed for me was “cookie cutter”. They listened to each one of my suggestions and made it possible to build the office exactly the way I wanted.
Keelan Dental

Butler, PA

Learn how a focus on efficiency allows Dr. Kics to serve 1,500 patients a month.
Dr. Ray Becker
It's an incredibly professional, well-run organization...
Howard County Smiles

Columbia, MD

Dr. Katie Post
Every room with be the same equipment, whether it's a hygienist or not.
Northwest Dental Group

Multiple locations, MN

Dr. Sami Bahri
I want to thank you for the awesome presentation at the FNDC! It was great to meet you in person and see your desire to improve dental care for both the provider and the patient. Your thinking is much, much deeper than selling an extra treatment plan here and saving an extra minute there… It’s the real deal! I also admire your efforts in creating Design Ergonomics and in helping our colleagues all around the country.

Dr. Ben Daniel
Because some of the technology that we've integrated when we did the office, there's a buzz about it. A lot of our new patients are coming because they're hearing about this cool new office.

Dr. Dallin Kay
I was at the office today and chatted with Shariff for a little bit. Things look amazing, we couldn’t be happier with you (Tim Gagnon), your team and Design Ergonomics. The quality of the materials are excellent, the installation process has been so smooth, and we are thrilled about how our clinic is coming together. We can’t wait to take video and pictures for you to see the amazing finished product.

Thank you so much for quarterbacking this project from a design perspective and for giving advice and suggestions to help us from falling into traps. Our experience with you vs Dental Supply Company reps has been night and day.

Dr. Jonah Barasz
My big thing is I want a patient to walk into a room and see the window, see a chair, they'll see the computer monitor and just relax. It was always intimidating to walk in to see a whole bunch of drill pieces and equipment right in front of you as you go to sit down, especially if it's just a consultation. Just immediately with the amount of dental anxiety, and especially now with COVID, the additional anxiety on top of it, it's very intimidating.

So for us, our patients actually are more relaxed when they come in. We get constant comments and feedback about not just, "Oh, your office is so nice or clean or new," it's the feeling of this office is so calming, right? That's what they say. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that they walk into a room and they don't see equipment.

Dental Implants & Perio of CT

Meriden, CT

Dr. Travis Bartschi
I am really excited when I pull up to the building in the morning. Still, I look at it and I think, "Man, I can't believe this is where I work." There's nothing else like it in our area.

I just appreciated working with Design Ergonomics. They still continue to help me out and answer emails and things go well, patients like massage chairs, turns out. So anyway, it's just been a neat experience and I'm pleased with what we did and I'm happy with the results and yeah, it was nice to work with people who knew what they were doing. In fact, that's one of the things I enjoyed most through the whole process of building it was to see people's talents and appreciate, thankful that everyone's good at something. And all their good abilities came together to provide what we have.

LC Smiles

Lewiston, ID

Dr. Mark Garner
I think that the design process on your end, helping us figure out what we needed and what we didn't, was amazing. And I think really the thing that drew me to Design Ergo other than the equipment ... the design process allowed us to have a smaller footprint. It wasn't a whole bunch of big, bulky cabinetry in the room, and we were able to put more treatment rooms in the same amount of space, and that really is the moneymaker.
Orchard Meadows Dental

Rapid City, SD

Dr. Cassady Rider
I like the Design Ergonomics concept because I feel like it puts the patient first, instead of the practice. We don't have to move patients from room to room, from hygiene to restorative, we just get to place the patient and then we get to work around them. So, I feel like it increases efficiency a whole bunch.
Rider Family Dentistry

Cherokee, IA

Dr. David Willey
It took a little bit of time, but it was very thorough I think. Gabe and his team really sat down with us and figured out our unique needs for our practice in terms of our building being built on a long lot that is designed around the lake and lake views. So, it was kind of one of those things where it really helped to have Gabe understand what we were trying to create in terms of the ambiance with our treatment areas for our patients.
Lakeside Dental Arts

Sebring, FL

Dr. Damon Thompson
I'm just really grateful for people like Design Ergonomics, who are staying on that sharp edge of innovation and the patient experience.
Real Life Dental Care

Blacksburg, VA

Dr. Jackson

"You all did my office about 4 years ago and it is STILL phenomenal."

Dr. Jackson

"You all did my office about 4 years ago and it is STILL phenomenal."

Dr. Rick Jackson

Columbia, South Carolina

Dr. Jason Sala
We thought, oh, wow, this operatory is way more efficiently designed than anything I’ve ever been in before. If I use some of the other major companies to design offices, they’re selling you a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t necessarily needed. Design Ergonomics has cut all that out and makes it so we can have a well-run machine.
Sala Family Dentistry

Reno, NV

Read the Sala’s story of remarkable growth >>
Dr. Jeff Grove
One month in the new DE building and I feel amazing. Our team and patients love the design, the colors, the feel, and all of the beautiful organization and clean lines. I just can’t thank you and your team [enough] for all of your brains, care, support, and love. Erica is so fabulous in every way – enough said but I could rave on and on. Gabe was also a pleasure to work with. Things weren’t always perfect but the response and the solution always was. I always felt like your most important client.
Grove Dental Group

Wyomissing, PA

Dr. Kelly Bridenstine
I highly recommend the services of Design Ergonomics. We have greatly increased efficiency and production in our new office. Our collections have almost doubled in the 18 months since we have been in the new space. Not only do the doctor and staff enjoy the design and efficiency of the office, but, more importantly, the patients love it.

Read the Sala’s story of remarkable growth >>
Drs. Collins & Stokes
They have a great system to help you from conceptual thinking all the way to final design. We now have an office that we are proud of esthetically and functionally. However the greatest complement is when patients state that they have never been to any medical office this nice and have never been treated so well.
Key Dental Group

Madison, MS

Dr. James Sevey
I am so pleased with how the entire office has come together! What a wonderful place to come to work! I love it, my staff loves it, and my patients love it

Dr. Kevin Brewer
Design Ergonomics designed our building and operatories for optimum function. Great detail went in to maximizing space and flow throughout. Design Ergonomics is the leader in functional office design. I would recommend them to anyone that is in the design phase of a practice.

Dr. Mitchel Friedman
One of the first things that people tell us when they come to Newman Springs Dental Care is how much they enjoy the fact that this is unlike any other dental office they’ve ever been to …
Newman Springs Dental Care

Lincroft, NJ

Dr. William Moorhead
You won’t regret working with Design Ergonomics. They’ll be a tremendous asset to your practice for the rest of your career.

Dr. David Pier
I am very happy with the design and look of the building. The front desk area came out real well & looks great! The team loves the staff lounge … The business office is a very nice space. I am happy with the flow and layout of the office. The consult room is awesome!

Dr. Nelson
I’m so glad that I had you review my plan. I’m smiling – okay! Advice taken! Now I can clearly see why we need you and that we are so thankful to be working with you.

Dr. Marissa Rya
As I had indicated when we first spoke, I was looking for some expert advice on whether or not it was possible to reconfigure our office to provide additional operatories. Once Paul and I had talked on the phone and he gave me his ideas, it all made sense and was clear to me that the reconfiguration was possible.

Dr. Tom "The 1,000 Gems Guy" Orent
David has devoted lifelong study of workflow patterns, stress reduction in the workplace, and relief of bottlenecks in business. He and his team have then converted the information into easy-to-implement real-world changes improving the lives of dentists, team members and patients around the country.

Dr. Ray Lander
We are very impressed with all the support we have gotten from the first day with everyone at Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products, starting with Dr. Ahearn, and Paul Leonard. We do get compliments on how the office came out, and also quite a few people realized how efficient this office will be when in full swing. Thank you!

Dr. Derek Draft
I am very excited to begin the process! For me, attending a few of Dr. Ahearn's courses really is what got me interested in Design Ergonomics. I really like his views and philosophy when it comes to designing and operating a dental office. Once I began emailing and discussing the process you with you, it really helped me to feel more comfortable. Excellent communication and quick responses to my questions were much appreciated.

Design Ergonomics

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