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Because customer service is a main priority at Design Ergonomics, you’ll find that working with us is easy and enjoyable. Our goal is to simply create great offices while never mishandling your time, budget or individual needs. At Design Ergonomics, we offer a full range of service, from basic to comprehensive, to help you meet your goals.
  • Consultation on existing and planned projects
  • OSHA, Americans w/Disability Act and HIPAA conformance evaluation
  • Conceptual floor plan development
  • $1500 Blocking Diagram design services – the cornerstone of your dental office growth action plan
  • Mechanical engineering plans
  • Design, style, and finish plan
  • Complete office plans

Q... How long will it take you to design my new office?

A... That depends entirely upon your needs. Once you have provided us with a few critical pieces of information we expect to provide you with concept sketches in 7 working days. No one else will make a commitment like that. We have constructed entire offices in as little as twelve weeks. Slowing the process is only a benefit for the designer. It never saves you money. When possible we prefer to assign a full time designer to your project until its completion.

Design Ergonomics

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