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Because Design Ergonomics was founded by David J. Ahearn, DDS, a dentist who is also a leader in dental productivity, we are uniquely qualified to understand your office design needs. Not just pretty pictures, our dental office designs represent a highly integrated synthesis of current dental knowledge and technology.

At Design Ergonomics, we know how important it is to operate efficiently, and we expect that you want to further your success too. Our team includes dentists, construction professionals, computer aided designers, lighting and acoustical experts, ergonomists, and interior designers. The diversity of our skills and talents will allow us to assist you in many ways — we can provide hourly pre-planning consultations, or we can provide you with an entire turnkey office. How you use our expertise is entirely up to you.

With the help of Design Ergonomics, you will feel confident in your design, and you will understand the implications of your design choices on construction costs before you commit to any large up-front expenses. We are familiar with tales of cost overruns and construction delays, which is why we will work dilligently to control your costs. We want to save you both time and money, during the design stages and during the construction of your new office. Our goal is for your practice to run more profitably for years to come.

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Design Ergonomics founder and practicing dentist Dr David Ahearn DDS

David J. Ahearn, DDS, a 1981 graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry is, first and foremost, a full time, wet gloved, practicing general dentist.

He began the study of ergonomics in dentistry when, in 1989 he began to experience physical symptoms that became increasingly more severe as his practice grew.

With the assistance of ergonomists from NASA, Industry and with engineering consultants from universities such as M.I.T. and R.I.S.D., he was able to begin a comprehensive analysis of practice, style, operator performance and health.

Today he actively councils dentists regarding office functional layout and its effects on performance and staff well being. Perhaps unique to the practice management consulting profession, he does not in any way believe that there is only one right way to practice dentistry. Dr. Ahearn’s personal practice ranks in the top 1% of practices today and was a Practice of the Year-finalist in 1998. His work has shown that quality, productivity and practitioner health are not mutually exclusive and that simple workplace changes can significantly improve practitioner health and performance.

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