When Customer Service Fails, Trust Is Thrown Out the Window

When customer service fails, bad things happen. My story could have ended up a lot worse. I rented a car recently from Dollar Car Rental at Kansas City airport. Now, before you start whispering to yourself, “well, that was probably you…

Last Week, I Witnessed Some Magic: A Dental Practice Merge

Last week, I witnessed some magic. No, it wasn’t David Blaine escaping from a gyroscope. It was watching two completely separate dental practices merge into one, incredible collaboration.  When Dr. Patrick M set out to expand his denta…

Do You Have A Hero? I’d Like To Tell You About Mine

You may have noticed that the blog has been a little quiet the last couple of weeks. On March 18th, my hero passed away. I could say it was sudden but he had been suffering from lung cancer for the last 16 months. It wasn’t supposed to…

Dental Assistant Appreciation Week

Dental Assistant Appreciation Week March March 7th- March 13th 2021 In 1885, Dr. C. Edmund Kells recruited his wife to help him inside his dental practice. She was probably in charge of cleaning and organizing so that he could do more…

Why Adding One Operatory To Your Capacity Issue Is No Fix

Is your practice at capacity? By capacity, I mean, the demand for patient care is greater than the number of hours and full time employee providers your dental practice has available. It’s not the worst problem to have. Getting patient…

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