Top 3 Things Docs Should Know Before Starting a Design Project

It is great to have you back here on the “This Can All Be Easier” blog.  My name is, of course, is Angie Bachman. Thank you for your wonderful feedback these past few weeks.  We are certainly on a roll as Dental Office Design Month con…

Diamond In The Rough

Welcome back to “This Can All Be Easier” blog.  My name is Angie Bachman. We are half-way through Dental office design month and I have to tell you, it has been great!  A few days ago, I received an S.O.S. from a doc in Minneapolis. …

The Importance of Interior Design

 Welcome back to the “This Can All Be Easier” blog. My name is Angie Bachman. October is Dental Office Design Month. There are so many facets to Dental Office Design, I could probably blog about it for a year. As predicted, the respon…

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