Honoring a Decade of Service to Dentistry

Writing this blog offers me a platform to have a voice. I speak about Dentistry – the challenges practices face and offer practical solutions that work. I have the ability to travel, meet clients (and potential new clients) and s…

The Power of a Dental Handpiece

Leave it to a pandemic to get the dental industry thinking on their toes. There is no such thing as ‘temporary’ when it comes to Covid. Unfortunately, compared to its predecessors, COVID-19 is here to stay. While some dental supply and…

The Cold (Sterilization) Facts: Dental Practice Misconception

Cold sterile use is common in dental practices. I see it all the time. In fact, I don’t remember working in a practice that didn’t have some type of cold sterile method for sterilizing semi-critical instruments/devices that would melt…

You Can’t Buy Success – You Build It

It’s too easy to throw money at problems. Money actually creates more problems rather than solving them. It dulls thinking and blocks creativity. Take for instance that sterile tech you were forced to hire because you were sick of hear…

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