On Your Mark, Cassette, GO!

 I was a little torn how I was going to start this blog deciding whether to write about the need for cassettes in a dental practice or how to actually set up and use your cassettes. I decided to do a little bit of both. I feel like we…

A Hook, Really?

 Let’s be honest – dental assistants have a tough go at ‘things’. Whether that means twisting, reaching, or heaven forbid, back bends – their job is difficult. A prime example would be my first day as a dental assistant.…

Top 5 Questions Dentists Ask Me

 For the record, every question I receive is a great one. Without pulling up my tally sheet, these five questions are among the most common. Question 1:  Our instruments are broken, missing or full of schmutz when I need to use them.…

Motivation; It’s Elementary

 Without reading the rest of this blog, do you know what the image below is?   No, I am not from Colorado or Washington. No, I don’t own shares of NYSE: THCX, although Jon Najarian is a friend of mine. I protect my MacBook with…

Top 5 Systems To Improve Performance Now

 Whether you have been practicing for 30 years or about to open your first set of doors, a bad habit is a bad habit. They may start early, but it’s never too late to change! Maybe you’re producing $10k an operatory per month or dream…

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