Make your dental office a fun, easy, and productive place to work.

Five phases of dental office front desk design

Most dentists don’t fully understand that as your practice grows, almost everything changes. How you organize the front desk needs to change or else it becomes an obstacle to growth.

Harnessing the Power of Patient Personas to Elevate Your Dental Practice Marketing

Let’s be honest, many dentists and practice managers speculate. They hypothesize about what concerns patients. They formulate marketing website copy and advertising campaigns built on their own interpretations, without directly engaging with the people who will genuinely utilize their dental services. This method isn’t just inefficient; it’s a squandering of valuable time and resources.

The Importance of Naming and Visual Branding for a Dental Practice

A strong brand identity distinguishes you from competitors and helps create an emotional connection with patients, instilling confidence in the quality of care and fostering trust and loyalty. Good branding also plays a role in attracting and retaining top talent, as dental professionals are more likely to associate themselves with reputable and respected practices.

Top five reasons to start your own dental practice

Starting your own dental practice can be a rewarding adventure, with a variety of advantages that are attractive to many dentists. While the motivations behind this journey can differ from person to person, certain benefits can be universally appreciated.

AI Revolution in Dentistry: Embracing the Future of Dental Care and Practice Management

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is very prominent in the headlines today. Somewhere between the fear of job losses, and the extinction of the human race, lies a tremendous opportunity to advance all aspects of dentistry. From diagnostics to patient communication, things are changing rapidly. To thrive in this developing landscape, you need to be more than simply aware of the potential impact AI will have on dentistry – you need to get ahead of it.

When Rock Stars Dream of Becoming Dentists

Emil and Dariel Liakhovetski, the Rock Cellos performers who earned a standing ovation at America’s Got Talent: All Stars, are pursuing their dreams of being dentists. Host Simon Cowell rolled his eyes when the brothers shared their aspirations, but Emil and Dariel are proud of becoming third-generation dentists and are excited about their vision to start a practice together. Design Ergonomics spoke with the brothers about how their love for music and dentistry intersect, and how they plan to use their tech-savvy minds to innovate in both fields.

How many treatment rooms should a dental office have?

Well-run, customer-centric dental practices are seeing unprecedented growth, often with far greater demand than they’re able to accommodate. While this surge in demand for great dental care is, at times, tempered by hiring challenges for dental staff, it is still pretty extraordinary.

Creating a Multi-Generational Legacy at Turlock Dental Care

The practice that Dr. Robert McCulla, DDS once considered selling is now thriving and growing quickly. “My role will change over time,” he says. “I’ll be moving more into a CEO position, focusing on cosmetic dentistry, with a focus on doing veneers, sedation dentistry for fearful patients, and clear aligners like Invisalign. I will be mentoring the associates, coaching them, helping them.”

What they don’t tell you about using dental loupes

I could just jump right to telling you what I consider the best dental loupes for most practitioners, but it wouldn’t make sense unless you understand the WHY. I need to talk first about some of the science behind loupe use, to help you properly judge loupe function.

Plan for dental office expansion

The ability to remain fully open during a future office expansion is critical, and should be carefully considered from the outset. You cannot be expected to shut down your dental office for extended periods of time, or to go prolonged periods without vital elements.

Your dental staff needs a space of their own

Your staff lounge should be a place for your team to relax and just be themselves, and so my team typically locates this space away from the treatment rooms and business areas.

Create space for deploying dental office technology

Productivity requires flexibility. That means the ability to perform any dental procedure, in any room, at any time. However, this does not mean you should stock everything needed to do any procedure in every room all the time.

Keep the dentist near the treatment rooms

In your dental office floor plan, it’s important that the doctor’s office is in an area that can be private when needed, but not so far away that the dentist loses valuable connection to patients and staff, and the flow of everyday activity. This combination is actually pretty difficult to accomplish in many layouts.

What Are The Best Intraoral Cameras For Dentistry?

The most commonly cited barrier to entry of incorporating intraoral cameras into your dental office is the cost. This can be quickly offset based on the increased production and collection potential from better diagnosis, documentation, and case acceptance.

How To Reduce Noise Between Dental Treatment Rooms

Depending on your patient’s level of apprehension, the sounds of a dental office can range from distracting to terrifying. Controlling how sound travels is critical to patient comfort – and a relaxed patient is easier to work on, and is more likely to accept treatment.


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