Going Kondo

 Marie Kondo is a Japanese Organizing Consultant and Author. She has TED Talks and has appeared on many talk shows, including Ellen, offering up ways to organize things in a more efficient way. In her Netflix program “Tidying Up”, Mar…

(Di)Still The One

(An appreciative nod to Orleans for their classic, lovably schmaltzy hit!) Each quarter, Design Ergonomics assigns a task to each employee. We call it a “Rock”. Your Rock is not like any other task. It can be improving a process, strea…

Communication Hygiene

How do you communicate with your dental team?  I recently worked with a practice who struggles in this department. They’re not alone. Not only do they fight the intraoffice communication bout with each other, but they also can’t figure…

Lefties’ Rights – The Struggle Is Real

Lefties Have The Same Rights As Righties! (No, I’m not talking politics.) It wasn’t as bad as the olden days when parents, relatives and/or nuns would slap your left hand with a wooden ruler the second it picked up a pencil, but I stru…


It was another great month and I’d like to share a quick story about my latest venture that really made May, 2019 stand out. If you haven’t noticed yet, any time I see a dental start-up, I get excited! Needless to say, my last ex…


Whether you are a weekly reader of this blog or this is your first time, you will hear me banter about LEAN and LEAN manufacturing principles in a dental practice. But what is it? What does is mean? Why are you writing about it? Well,…

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