Solutions that will make your dental office a fun, easy, and productive place to work.

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Dentaphobia in Your Dental Practice

During a recent Reboot Practice Jumpstart Training, a sales representative from one of those “Big Three” supply companies, asked me a few questions. He said, “What’s the deal with those televisions above the patient? Do patients…

Being Promoted Comes With A lot of Responsibility

As Lead Clinical Trainer for the past eight years, I have been dedicated to coaching our nation’s most productive dental practices using Reboot Practice Productivity Solutions, the best clinical training program in the dental industry.…

Is Your Hygiene Department Working With You Or Against You?

From what you put in it to how well you care for it, oral hygiene is vital to the overall health of your patients. I hope we’re all on the same page. What if I said, “A dental hygienist is crucial to the success of any dental practice.…

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