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What Are The Best Intraoral Cameras For Dentistry?

The most commonly cited barrier to entry of incorporating intraoral cameras into your dental office is the cost. This can be quickly offset based on the increased production and collection potential from better diagnosis, documentation, and case acceptance.

How To Reduce Noise Between Dental Treatment Rooms

Depending on your patient’s level of apprehension, the sounds of a dental office can range from distracting to terrifying. Controlling how sound travels is critical to patient comfort – and a relaxed patient is easier to work on, and is more likely to accept treatment.

Traversing Dental Patient Chairs

So here’s the difference that the simple addition of traversing brings – and if you haven’t seen it you probably won’t believe it. If your chair traverses, you gain almost a foot at the toe of your room from the chair mechanism itself … and because of the flexibility of the chair placement, you actually get an additional 1/2 foot of in-room placement.

Making A Dental Treatment Room Great For Consultation

Have you ever been seated in a large restaurant with your back to the space and your face to the wall? It doesn’t feel great. That’s why restaurants commonly have four person tables set against the wall with patrons on either side so that no one person is forced to have their back to the main body of the space. On the other hand, further to the center of this dining room are circular tables with patrons facing in all directions, and these are not at all problematic. Clearly, placement in a room matters.

Solving Staffing Shortages in Dentistry

The reality is clear. We are very upset by staffing shortages. But over 90% of the dental workforce remains. They are not hostages … and neither are you. They have a choice of where to work. Your goal is to have them choose you. If you want the best team, become the best office with the highest customer satisfaction and the highest productivity.

Automation and Robotics in the Dental Industry and at Design Ergonomics

“I knew that in order to compete with billion-dollar companies, I was going to have to be leaner, faster, and smarter in everything that we did,” Dr. David Ahearn, DDS says. “But I also felt that there was a bigger issue at hand, which was that if we were going to create jobs in our community, I wanted to do everything I could to make them be the best jobs possible.”

Four Steri-Center Options For Your Dental Practice

Our industry made up the name “Steri-Center” and sold a bunch of cabinet conglomerations by convincing people that they were borderline magical. Depending on your type of practice and goals, we’ll show you choices from super cheap and…

Why are dental assistants burning out?

One of my biggest worries for dental practices is dental assistant burnout. While many offices are facing a range of staffing issues, I think we’re only just beginning to feel the full depth of this particular employment threat. Much…

Legendary Customer Service at Northwest Dental Group

When Dr. Katie Post acquired Northwest Dental Group in Rochester, MN in 2008, the business was struggling. Overall profit and the number of patients were both declining every year. “When I joined the practice in 2003, I had one or two…

Top Dental Office Design Tips To Make Space Appear Bigger

I’m sure that most of us have seen the selective attention video of counting basketball passes and the gorilla. If you haven’t, why don’t you try it on your team at the dental office. Our brains constantly shorthand data. So what does…

How Much Does It Cost To Build A New Dental Office?

So, the first, and perhaps obvious answer to this question is that the dollar amount that your new dental office will cost is likely more than you want to hear! And worse than that, more expensive tomorrow than it was yesterday! But…

How Do I Even Get Started With My Dental Office Design?

As dentists, we’re visual. We have a picture in our minds of what we want our dental office to look like. Or a dream of what we hope that someday it could be. But working on the dream part is actually not the way to start the process…


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