Top 5 Clinical Hacks In Dentistry You Never Knew Existed

Defined by Merriam-Webster: To hack is to discover simple and clever tips or techniques to make accomplishing a familiar task more easy and efficiently. Full disclosure: I work for Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products. The solution…

The Catch 22 of Hoarding In the Dental Office

Would you agree that we are all guilty of hoarding – a little? What would Sam’s Club be if not for the “Buy 100 rolls of paper towels to save 10 percent!”? I landed my own membership through Groupon (another one of those, “it’s o…

Sometimes MORE is More. Be smart with your PPE purchasing.

“Order once a month.” “Keep one weeks’ worth of the supplies needed for 90% of the dentistry you do.” “Keep a maximum of six weeks of supplies in resupply.” Those are my typical lines. Anything more than that is waste. Until the start…

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