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Dr. David J. Ahearn, DDS - Dentist

David Ahearn, DDS

Founder and President of Design Ergonomics

Dedicated to continuous improvement

Our founder, David Ahearn, DDS, has been honored to share his concepts for maximizing dental office productivity with the dental community. We hope that by reading some of his published articles and blog posts and by viewing our videos you'll better understand our thought process as a company and how we can make your practice the best it can be.

Let's start with the basics.

Here are a few articles that introduce essential concepts. View All Articles 9

A Dental Floor Plan

Great Dental Office Design

Critical range of motion

Range of Motion

Dental Practice Growth

Math of Dental Practice Growth

Our YouTube channel is a great way to dive in.

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Prefer to read? Check out our blog.

Our blog is regularly updated with insights into current dental office trends. Read Blog 9

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The Importance Of Naming And Visual Branding For A Dental Practice

A strong brand identity distinguishes you from competitors and helps create an emotional connection with patients, instilling confidence in the quality of care and fostering trust and loyalty. Good branding also plays a role in attracting and retaining top talent, as dental professionals are more likely to associate themselves with reputable and respected practices.
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Washington Dentistry front desk

Five Phases Of Dental Office Front Desk Design

Most dentists don't fully understand that as your practice grows, almost everything changes. How you organize the front desk needs to change or else it becomes an obstacle to growth.
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Three Essentials For Dental Practice Startup Success

Over the past 25 years, we’ve observed that some dentists manage to execute their vision and complete their project more effortlessly than others. What makes the difference?
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Expert dental office training to maximize flow and efficiency

Our hands-on Clinical Specialists will organize your back office so that you can leverage every bit of efficiency and flow designed into your new practice, from sterilization, resupply, and inventory, to mobile technology deployment.

Dental Office Training
Over the Shoulder Training

Hands-on Experience

Attend one of our Over the Shoulder Events for an invaluable technical demonstration.

We will demonstrate both the techniques for dramatically increased productivity and show you the office and equipment design elements that make this possible.

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