Our expert dental office training team will make your practice more efficient and productive

Optimize clinical support systems Get started
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Optimize clinical support systems Get started
Nurture dental team growth Get started
Love practicing dentistry again! Get started

Increase your staff retention by creating systems that make work fun and easy


Design Ergonomics offers three proven dental training programs to optimize the flow and productivity of your dental practice. With our lean approach to dental efficiency, we will remove bottlenecks so you, and you staff, will love going to work ... and working together.

"I finally found Design Ergonomics. I can't tell you how fantastic their concepts are. They literally changed our lives."

– Dr. Mehul Patel
Dental Reboot Client

"The Jump-Start program that we had with Francis Casanova was incredible."

– Dr. Jonah Barasz
Dental Reboot Client

To better understand our lean dental office philosophy that has been implemented in the best practices across North America for over 20 years, watch Dr. David Ahearn's "This Can All Be Easier" video series on YouTube.

"By any measure, a more efficient office ... is better."

– Dr. David J. Ahearn
Founder, Design Ergonomics

You, and your team, will enjoy the benefits of practical, hands-on dental office training that delivers immediate results

Dental Reboot

Optimize Inventory, Resupply, and Sterilization systems

Training highlights

This 2-day workshop represents the core of our dental practice productivity solutions. Reboot is a comprehensive examination and hands-on restructuring of your dental office inventory, resupply, and deployment systems. This training is also available as a "Jump-Start" for clients of our dental office design services. We’re so confident in our ability to help practices eliminate waste and recapture lost productivity that we guarantee the results!

Our Expert Trainers provide:

  • 90% Profile Generation
    Analyze your practice to determine the procedures that cover 90% of your production, creating your custom 90% Profile.
  • Establishing Modular Supply Tailored to your Practice
    Rethink your organization and deployment, changing to tubs, bins, bur blocks and deployment carts. We form an easy, replicable template to improve productivity and provide responsive treatment opportunities.
  • Materials Assessment
    Refine and reduce your material selections for the most efficient, top-quality array that works for your entire office.
  • Sterilization, Resupply, and Inventory Systems
    Restructure your current systems to optimize space, storage, and access for improved productivity.
  • Operatory Setup and Training
    Optimize all aspects of dental treatment room organization and materials deployment.
  • Room Turnaround
    Reduce time and allow for more dentistry.

This information was fantastic! Things that really help make you much more lean... ways of working smarter, instead of harder. I know that's clichéd, but that's exactly what this training was.

The very best part... when they leave, you are set up. Everything is done – so on Monday, you're actually implementing what you learned.

Dr. John Fornetti

Iron Mountain, MI

Your dental office productivity is soaring. What's next?


Key Systems for Maximizing Dental Office Efficiency

Training highlights

Refine is a 1-day dental practice assessment which examines and enhances the systems installed in your Dental Reboot.

Our Expert Trainers provide:

  • In-Depth Evaluation
    Observe your newly restructured system to identify areas for improvement.
  • Custom Program Enhancement
    Structure and execute a custom plan to maximize all areas of your Dental Reboot.

Key Questions

  • Are all Standardized Clinical Sequences being uniformly allowed?
  • Are Material and Supply profiles appropriate to the specific practice?
  • Were any key Sequences overlooked at optimization?

You know, great theory is one thing... but the nuts and bolts and the actual implementation and the 'hands-on' and the 'how-to' to make it happen sets this one apart.

Dr. Joe Stucky

Montrose, CO

Now that systems are optimized, how can you motivate the people at the heart of your practice?


Dental Staff Engagement and Clinical Team Growth

Training highlights

In this 1-day session we will work with your team to develop custom techniques and tools to keep your clinical staff accountable, engaged, and motivated to succeed. Reinvigorate the people at the heart of your dental practice and motivate them to love delivering great dentistry every day.

Our Expert Trainers provide:

Staff Growth Touch-Points and Ladders

  • Define clear and concise expectations for each clinical position within your practice's Hygiene and Assistant teams.
  • Emphasize clear paths of advancement to motivate and promote professional and personal growth.
  • Generate custom HeartCharts to measure, track, and reward individual improvement.

The most important part of a productive system are the people who make that system run.

... as a team leader I can now bring somebody in that's new and within hopefully two weeks get them up and running. So glad we made the jump.

Dr. Stamatiades

Focused optimization of your practice will boost productivity ... and staff retention.

Our expert training team is ready to help you.

"That was a great training and worth every penny. I can't wait to keep going until everything is optimized."

– Dr. Mike Chang

"The very best part... when they leave, you are set up. Everything is done – so on Monday, you're actually implementing what you learned."

– Dr. John Fornetti

"I can honestly say that I have rarely, if ever, had the kind of hands-on and in-depth experience that [your trainer] provided to my staff and me... It was GREAT training."

– Dr. Joe Stucky

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Design Ergonomics

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