When making equipment decisions for your practice, does anyone think about function? Maybe you can relate to the new patient who showed up last week in hygiene with 7-8mm pockets in all four quadrants and the only thing he wanted was in-office whitening, right? Maybe “relate” is the wrong word. We wonder how a patient, under these circumstances, could think whitening is the priority. In a similar(ish) light, I wonder why a dentist would make equipment decisions without looking at the big picture.

Function Not Frantic

Don’t get me wrong, making equipment decisions for your dental practice can be tough. You get inundated with sales reps telling what you need. How do they know what you need? For the love of God, consider how your practice will function day to day; hour to hour; patient to patient. How are you going to deliver quality dentistry, consider the well-being of your staff, and work towards growth – without a well-defined system and well-designed instruments to enact it? Every motion costs you – whether in time, money or energy – so you need to make every motion count.

Clinically, it starts with two – tiers.  

There are a number of reasons why so many dentists and dental practice owners want to work with Ergonomic Products. One reason is the patented Two-Tier Universal Workstation. Its design is all about function – because it was designed by a dentist for dentists. The two -tiers gives you over 7 square feet of work surface without reaching, bending or getting up. The result is a consolidated Range of Motion and has enormous health benefits. It is the most ergonomic piece of dental equipment on the market! The ADA has recognized this delivery style as a fourth unique type of dental delivery – Over-The-Head”.

I’m not here to sell you something, well not really. This blog is to educate you. I am writing this post because I’ve worked with too many doctors who did not consider function from the get go. Five years later, they’re calling us – and lots of the time, they are already close to breaking. It is my job to make sure you consider your options before investing in dental equipment. 

This whole conversation is about a pretty unique concept..

Universal Room Morph from Design Ergonomics Inc.


If you watch the video, you’ll see an operatory transform from a big, bulky, expensive space full of non-value added cabinetry into a consolidated, efficient & much more ergonomically friendly space.  The value is in the function. Whether your Universal Workstation ™ is configured with dental delivery components and suction utilities, or simply bare, there is a lot of value in two tiers.  

You can find the Ergonomic Products Two-Tier Workstations all across North America.  Many of the dentists who have implemented this efficient & ergonomic method to deliver optimum dental care, have opened their practices to other dentists to take a look. If you’d like to see the difference in action, send me an email and we can arrange a visit near you.

Author Angie Bachman