Reboot Training

We design the most Productive practices in the nation – because we understand the fundamentals of Efficiency. If you’re in the early stages of planning your new Practice, NOW is the time to get a handle on your Inventory, Resupply and Sterilization systems.

Our Expert Clinical Trainers will provide a hands-on restructuring of your core support systems designed to increase productivity and improve the performance of your Dental team.

Our 2-Day Dental Reboot will increase your productivity by 20% or your money back!

Practice Productivity Solutions From the Efficiency Experts at…

“This information was fantastic! Things that really help make you much more lean… ways of working smarter, instead of harder. I know that’s clichéd, but that’s exactly what this training was.

The very best part… when they leave, you are set up. Everything is done – so on Monday, you’re actually implementing what you learned.”

Dr. John Fornetti

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