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Download our FREE 5 Step playbook

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You’re trusting us to design your next practice. Let us show you how to optimize it!

Our practices are among the most successful in the nation, averaging production per hour rates at twice the norm. Why? Because we don’t just design buildings – we create whole-practice solutions. With our intensive 2-day JumpStart training, our clinical experts take a hands-on approach, working with your team to set up your Inventory, Resupply and Sterilization infrastructure. We’ll help you implement all the support and operatory systems that are the hallmark of Design Ergonomics’ industry-leading performance.

When you open your doors, your office will be organized, efficient and primed to be the best practice in town!

Reboot Training

Why wait? Increase the productivity of your current practice right now!

If you’re planning an expansion or an additional location, you can take advantage of our clinical systems expertise to improve the flow and efficiency at your current office today.

Our Reboot Training addresses your existing Inventory, Resupply and Sterilization systems. Our clinical specialists will optimize your work-flow and organization for greater productivity – giving your current practice a healthy boost while prepping your entire team for the increased capabilities your new office will provide! We’re so confident in our ability to help practices eliminate waste and recapture lost productivity that we guarantee the results!

Practice Productivity Solutions From the Efficiency Experts at…

“This information was fantastic! Things that really help make you much more lean… ways of working smarter, instead of harder. I know that’s clichéd, but that’s exactly what this training was.

The very best part… when they leave, you are set up. Everything is done – so on Monday, you’re actually implementing what you learned.”

Dr. John Fornetti

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