Dental Office Floor Plans

The dental office floor plan is a critical step in creating an efficient and highly-productive dental office.

Whether you need 7 ops or 17 — we can create a productive, efficient and attractive office that will accomplish your professional goals.

Our founder, Dr. David Ahearn, is a nationally recognized efficiency expert and a practicing dentist. Twenty years of research and testing have reshaped the industry, changing the way dentists think about practice design and systems organization.

Driven by his unique insights, our design teams constantly analyze their approach to maximize dental productivity, staff comfort, and the patient experience. No other dental office design firm creates more value in less space.

Designed in 2/3rds the Space

Our streamlined Operatories are significantly more efficient and productive than industry norms. They require less space — allowing you to have more of them — yet they feel larger to both the patient and practitioner.

Similar attention is paid to all aspects of your practice — reducing bottlenecks to create better functionality and smoother flow, while being ever-mindful of the patient experience.

Equipped at 2/3rds the Cost

Our ergonomic-driven design principles bring a secondary benefit to your project: the elimination of wasteful and expensive side cabinetry.

By centralizing Inventory and deploying supplies via tubs and mobile carts, we substantially reduce operatory equipment costs. As a result, our offices may be equipped at prices far below the competition.

Delivering 2 to 3x the Productivity

We ensure optimal productivity of your dental practice by addressing all the systems which make it flow efficiently. From revolutionary operatory designs, to meticulously planned Sterilization models, patient intake to check-out — our designs provide unparalleled productivity and comfort.

Our clients typically perform at 2 and 3 times the industry average — and they are enjoying performing dentistry more than they ever have!

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Dental office design team floor plan review
Abbie, Gabby, Nicole, and Paul working on a project for a dental design client
Paul Leonard working on a dental office design
Design team with blocking diagram

"Design Ergonomics designed our building and operatories for optimum function. Great detail went in to maximizing space and flow throughout. Design Ergonomics is the leader in functional office design. I would recommend them to anyone that is in the design phase of a practice."

Dr. Brewer

Billings, MT

Design Ergonomics

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