Over the Shoulder Events

Not all practices are created equal. So how do some achieve production rates 3 to 4 times the national average?

Join us to see how the nation's elite achieve their success in an exclusive day of direct hands-on experience. We will demonstrate both the techniques for dramatically increased productivity and show you the office and equipment design elements that make this possible.

  • Extremely limited attendance
  • Experience the clinical elements designed to make dentistry easier and faster
  • Show your staff how to make sterilization and supply management effortless
  • Understand how the best offices constantly advance their workforce

These are very popular events so please fill out the application form as soon as possible if you would like to attend and our team will get back to you with details.

Over the Shoulder Event Date
Host Dental Practice Details
February 9-10, 2023
Perfect Smiles Dentistry - Seekonk, Massachusetts
- Over the Shoulder event details (pdf)
- Perfect Smiles Dentistry in Seekonk is one of Dr. David Ahearn's personal dental practices and this event is a great opportunity to see the D/E systems and philosophies in action.
May 11-12, 2023
Sala Family Dentistry - Reno, Nevada

"What an awesome experience."

"Thank you so much for showing us the office and blowing our minds.”

Dr. Matt Laurich

"The one day that I spent with you was the most important day in my success. You made me millions.”

Dr. David Mitchell

"More beneficial than my entire year with a Fortune coach which cost me $24,000.”

Dr. Will Jones

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