— Renovation Services by Design Ergonomics

Identify what’s really holding you back and realize your true potential.

“My entire practice needs a better flow.”
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— Renovation Services
by Design Ergonomics

Identify what’s holding you back and realize your potential.


We incorporate our unique design principles and productivity solutions to rehabilitate your Dental Practice. Our more efficient designs collaborate to maximize productivity and eliminate bottlenecks, helping your current office reach its full potential! Learn more today!


We understand the importance of first impressions. Interior Design can be used to create an attractive aesthetic which welcomes and reassures patients. A relaxed patient is more likely to accept treatment and return to an environment in which they feel comfortable.


You came for design advice, but maybe the office isn’t the problem — your support systems should better utilize the space they’re in. Our 2-Day Dental Reboot will rethink your core support systems to increase Practice Productivity by 20%. Guaranteed. Master the use of our design principles and watch your productivity soar!

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