Desergo Dental Office Sterilization Centers

Our founder, Dr. David Ahearn, and the team at Design Ergonomics have been studying, improving, and lecturing about the importance of a smooth dental office sterilization and dental resupply system for almost 2 decades. Unfortunately, the industry continues to produce sterilization products that don’t flow, and don’t stand up to the challenges of the dental environment. Out of sheer frustration, we had to build what our clients have been asking for – and give you what we use in our own practices daily.

Design Ergonomics and our sister company, Ergonomic Products, are proud to bring you the Desergo Steri Centers, sterilization cabinetry designed for high-flow dental practices of all sizes.

YouTube video
Dental office operatory with workstation and patient chair
Sterilization area in dental office
desergo Steri Product Details
Dental assistant view of patient chair and workstation

For more information about the Desergo Steri Centers, email or call our equipment team today at 866-374-6487 

Desergo autoclave rack

Mobile Autoclave Rack available with full system or as a separate purchase and install - Specification Sheet and Product Details

Meet Mike Grace, Factory Manager at Ergonomic Products

Mike Grace and the dental equipment factory team

Meet Chrissy Cambra, Research and Development Manager at Design Ergonomics

Ed Carey

Meet Ed Carey, Head Engineer at Design Ergonomics

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