The Future of Dentistry Discussed by Dr. John Meis and Dr. David Ahearn

The Team Training Institute’s Champions of Dentistry Summit

The Design Ergonomics team attended The Team Training Institute’s 17th annual Champions of Dentistry Summit on April 29-30 in San Diego, CA. We joined hundreds of dentists and their teams who gathered to learn, and share, top strategies for building thriving dental practices.

The Summit focused on how to adapt, refocus efforts, and build a system that better serves patients. Giving patients what they want and what they need is the only way to increase profits the right way, because patients drive productivity, and productivity drives profitability. The spirit of service, to our patients and our peers, was evident as Dr. John Meis, Co-Founder of TTI, graciously invited Dr. David Ahearn, President of Design Ergonomics, on stage for a discussion on the future of dentistry.

Wendy Briggs, RDH, of TTI moderates a panel discussion at the 2022 Summit in San Diego

A 3-Step Strategy to Address Dental Office Staffing Shortages

One focus of their discussion was the staffing shortage that many offices are facing today. Dr. Ahearn clearly articulated a 3-step strategy to make this a non-issue.

  1. Simplify processes. This allows new team members to much more rapidly become successful, while also improving quality.
  2. Alter delivery and set up to double or triple per-hour productivity – with your existing team.
  3. Become a magnet for the staff members that are available in your region by becoming what is clearly the best office in your city or town.

Nina Emond of D/E, Dr. John Meis of TTI, Monica Lecchi of D/E, and Nicole Moniz of Perfect Smiles

Along with Dr. Ahearn, the D/E team at the Summit included Monica Lecchi, Vice President, and Nina Emond, Vice President of Customer Relations. They spoke with dozens of dentists, and a major theme they heard again and again was that most practices are at capacity. Ops are fully booked every single day. While being super busy is seemingly a good thing for a dental practice, for most being at capacity means lost opportunities. In a future blog post we will be sharing a few proven ideas for how to increase capacity without building a new office.

We’re proud to work with Dr. John Meis, DDS and his partner Wendy Briggs, RDH, at The Team Training Institute. Their work has helped hundreds of dental professionals across three continents grow continuously profitable dental practices, without sacrificing patient care.

TTI’s Coaching and Training is a proven process to equip dental teams with the systems and confidence to not only increase production, but also increase profitability by doing the right thing, every time, for every patient.

The TTI Summit was a great opportunity to learn, connect with our peers, and have some fun.

The Summit was a great opportunity for the D/E team to learn and share new strategies and systems, to connect with our peers, and have some fun. For those of you who don’t know Dr. Ahearn, he’s an introvert who prefers to spend his free time planting trees on his family farm. So, thank you to TTI for getting Dr. Ahearn out of his bubble!

Dr. Ahearn and the Design Ergonomics team. For highlight of the TTI Summit, visit

The next Summit will be held April 28-29, 2023 at the beautiful Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, FL. Go to The Team Training Institute’s website to be the first in line for tickets when they become available. We hope to see you there.

Author Angie Bachman