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One of the best ways to know what we do is by knowing what we think.

Design/Ergonomics is known for its cost effective approach to creating highly productive dental practices. We hope that these articles will help enable you to create the practice of your dreams.

One Dozen Essential Elements (part 1)

One of the most valuable and lasting improvements that any dentist can contribute to a successful practice is an investment in great office design.

One Dozen Essential Elements (part 2)

This edition completes the “baker’s dozen,” and we hope it leaves you with a clear-cut plan for what you will want in your new office environment.

What do Patients Want

Did you ever notice that the photos you see of award-winning dental offices are usually of the waiting room? OK let’s be politically correct… the reception area?

8 Keys for Great Seating

The evolution to the seated position is just the beginning of our journey. A new look at dental practitioner positioning must occur as we pursue greater performance…

Room Pairs

Why exactly is it that most of us believe that the only way to set up an office is with symmetrical rooms? Do we think that we’re going to find the cure for dental hygiene?… just kidding.

Design & Productivity

In every practitioner’s life there comes a time when it is clear that a physical office change must occur. For some doctors, this happens early in practice…

Treatment Rooms (part 1)

Let’s face it. Productivity in most dental practices is not very impressive. We may work hard, but we don’t get that much done. Heresy, you say! Let’s think about it for a minute…

Treatment Rooms (part 2)

In the June issue, we discussed the first five essential elements of a productive treatment room – cost, ease of use, fingertip access for all supplies, universal access, and staff friendly design.

Instrument Processing

As practices increase in their productive capacity, it is common to see problems develop in the sterilization and instrument processing area.

An Introduction to Ergonomics

(PDF ARTICLE) – An Introduction to Ergonomics : Risk Factors, MSDs, Approaches and Interventions. An ADA.org White Paper.