Reboot Training

Team Growth & Advancement

Increase staff engagement and reduce turnover

In this 1-day workshop we will work with your team to develop custom techniques and tools to keep your clinical staff accountable, engaged, and motivated to succeed.

Reinvigorate the people at the heart of your dental practice and motivate them to love delivering great dentistry every day.

Dental Office Training

Our Expert Trainers Provide Staff Growth Touch-Points and Ladders

Dental Office Training

Define Expectations

Define clear and concise expectations for each clinical position within your practice's Hygiene and Assistant teams.

Dental Office Training

Track Improvement

Generate custom HeartCharts™ to measure, track, and reward individual improvement.

Dental Office Training

Promote Personal Growth

Emphasize clear paths of advancement to motivate and promote professional and personal growth.

Fostering the growth of your clinical staff

Reinvigorate training introduces custom HeartCharts™, an invaluable tool which allows any practice to define, track, and promote staff growth.

Working closely with your clinical leaders, our trainers will develop multi-tiered HeartCharts™ sets, specifically tailored to your practice's hygiene and assistant teams.


The most important part of a productive system are the people who make that system run.

Common Questions

How can I increase my productivity without creating more stress?

Our studies have shown that, even in successful practices, significant time and energy are spent every day on unproductive effort, which delivers no benefit to the patient and no profit to the practice. We have found that careful planning and organization can free up this time and energy, which you can then use to increase your income, spend more time with your family, or could you imagine, play more. Offices frequently experience an immediate 30% increase in productivity once the new workflow is complete. Improvements continue well beyond this level as the operator becomes more adept at the system capabilities, often 2, 3, or even 4 times their existing level of productivity.

How do you measure dental office production?

here are many metrics for office productivity but the two that we would consider most useful are production per patient chair and production per provider hour.

Production per treatment chair (sometimes referenced as production per op) is a useful measure of facility utilization. It is based upon a more industrial measurement that is used by factory managers. It is a very helpful way to look at productivity when facility costs are extremely high as, for example, in high rent locations like Manhattan or San Francisco.

What will increase the apparent production score is primarily hours of operation. Want a big number? Be open seven days a week. Steel mills want to measure this way because you don’t want to ever shut the blast furnaces down! For most dental practices this is simply not the primary problem. Staffing is.

Which leads us to our second method of measurement: Production per Hour, or “PPH”. To determine PPH, simply divide the monthly production of a provider by the number of hours they spent in treatment. This can be done by individual doctors – a helpful metric when bringing on new staff – or aggregated for teams. (Doctors/associates only - keep a separate measurement for Hygiene teams.) We are sad to say that the average PPH of doctors in the US is currently not much above $400. The result of this is lower doctor incomes, longer wait-times for patients, inadequate access to care and a lot of unnecessary waste.

Increasing the PPH of our clients is one of our primary goals. From clinical support to chairside, our systems are engineered to allow you do more dentistry in less time (and with less stress!). PPH numbers of 3 and even 4 times the national average are common for our clients.

How can I prevent staff burnout?
Please check out our blog article on the causes of staff burnout, and how you can prevent it:

Why are dental assistants burning out?

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Dental Office Training

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